Ribena syrups and ready to drink fruit drinks



  • Ribena syrup 600ml, 1 litre, 2 litre
  • Ribena Ready to Drink 250ml, 250ml multi pack, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.4 litre
  • Ribena Blackcurrant & Cranberry Ready to Drink 500ml, 2.4 litre
  • Ribena Squeezee Pack 330ml
  • Ribena Sparkling 250ml
  • Ribena Light Syrup 1 litre
  • Ribena Light Ready to Drink 250ml multi pack, 2.4 litre

All Ribena products are available in your local supermarket or independent store.


Ribena is made from real blackcurrants and has been a trusted brand for over 55 years. It has no artificial colours and is a rich source of vitamin C, each serving providing at least 50% of your recommended dietary intake. 

Ribena fruit juice syrupThe original Ribena blackcurrant taste has been enjoyed by families for generations.  It’s sweet and refreshing, and, like all Ribena products, is a rich source of vitamin C.  It is available as a fruit juice syrup (concentrate to dilute) in either 600ml, 1 litre or 2 litre sizes.

Ribena sparklingRibena SqueezeeRibena Ready to DrinkThe original blackcurrant taste is also available in ready to drink varieties, both still and sparkling.

Ribena Light Ribena Light Syrup



Ribena Light provides a grown up slant on the original favourite.  It has the all the great taste of Ribena Original but with fewer calories.  Again Ribena Light is available as a fruit juice syrup or in ready to drink varieties, and all of them are a rich source of vitamin C.

Ribena Cranberry Ready to DrinkThe latest addition to the Ribena family is Ribena Blackcurrant and Cranberry.  It delivers the taste you love with a twist of cranberry, and comes as a ready to drink product in a handy 500ml bottle, or 2.4 litres for the whole family to enjoy.  Like all Ribena products, Ribena Blackcurrant and Cranberry is a rich source of vitamin C.  

Ribena is a registered trade mark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.



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New Zealand

Did you know?

  • All the blackcurrants used in New Zealand Ribena products are 100% Kiwi grown.
  • Ribena provides 50% of your recommended dietary intake of vitamin C per serving, and independent industry experts, AsureQuality, has tested samples from across the entire Ribena range here in New Zealand to verify our claims.
  • For more information on our relationship with AsureQuality, please visit www.ribena.co.nz.
  • Ribena is a member of the New Zealand Juice and Beverage Association   
AsureQuality - independent quality assurance

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